Content Writing Services

I’m a freelance writer, with my core focus set as offering long-form content writing services to clients in Australia, UK and USA.

If you want to understand more about some segments of the writing process I use, have a skim through a recent blog post covering evergreen content writing.

I’ve been featured on some notable marketing blogs such as:

You can check out a long-form piece here. And, a recent product review I wrote here.

Niches I Write For

My long-form content writing services are suitable for blogs in all niches.

The last 30 days alone has seen me write in a range of niches including:

  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Marketing
  • Camping
  • Villa rentals
  • Plumbing and heating

Types of Blog Posts I’ll Write

Typically, long-form “how-to” content focused on the beginners/inexperienced potential customers in your industry is a good place to start.

This format means a blog post I write will sit anywhere between 1,000-5,000 words. It can be more, or less, depending on what we agree as our goals.

To be honest, they work really well. But, you’re probably here because you’re looking for something a little bit different.

Perfect. I like a challenge.

Geo Specific Content, or, Local Content

As someone that has been involved in link building through outreach in the past, I know some industries are just…hard.

I’m seeing an influx of my clients asking for local content. And, they usually show me what they’ve come up with so far.

If you’ve researched “how to create local content” and similar keywords, you’ll have probably come across suggestions such as:

  • Create city pages
  • Write town guides
  • Add geo-specific keywords in existing SEO content

Next time you read a post showing you how to create local content. Note the references they cite. AirBNB? TripAdvisor? A national campsite directory?

You guessed it. The local content writing they are doing, directly ties in with the next step of the buyers’ journey. Probably not so much if you offer cladding or weed killing services.

But, like I said, I like a challenge.

Email me details of your site, and content goals, and we’ll see if we can develop a local content strategy for your business.

Content Curation

Our content writing services are certainly not a one size fits all. For some websites, content curation will work wonders. And for others, it’s going to be a complete waste of time.

Content curation doesn’t just consist of lists. In the past, we’ve built them into beautiful guides. On some of these occasions, the purpose was relationship building.

By linking out to reputable sites in a niche, we could develop a relationship that gained us links and traffic in the future, free of charge. Not to mention the search traffic.

Answer BIG Questions

One process I’ve been going through now for blog post ideas, is forum mining.

To cut a long story short, I’ll find a few forums in my client’s niche. I’ll dig through to find certain posts, those that:

  • Get the most views
  • Get the most replies
  • Have lots of views but no/few replies

It’s a fantastic way to develop some really unique ideas, and we build that into our writing services when blog post ideas are hard to generate.

Other types of blog posts I’ve found to work well include:

Essential kit lists (or toolkits)

Depending on the goal, I’ll write these posts as a separate entity, or build them into the introduction of a long-form blog post we’re already creating.

Niche Buying Guides and Product Reviews

I’ve had some good success with these on both client’s photography sites, and most own niche heating site.

The niche buying guide will focus on a customer. So, instead of writing about the best garden tools, we’d look at “Top Gardening Tools For Lefties”, or “Essential Camera Accessories for Action Sports Photographers”.

These can include product reviews, or we can write these separately.

The list goes on. If you’ve read it, we can write it.

Guest Posting Service

If you are looking for a guest posting service, we can help. We not only write guest posts on your behalf, but we will help prospect potential site targets.

But, guest posting is dead, isn’t it?

If your plan is to get 100 guest posts written, and get paid placements on low quality sites with little traffic, the answer is yes. This was never a good strategy. I’ll let Matt Cutts explain the rest.

Now, if your plan is to get guest posts written, placing them on sites that are likely to give you highly targeted traffic (and leads), guest posting is very much alive.

The strategy and scalability of our guest posting service is very much down to your industry. Some industries only have a handful of blogs that are worthwhile posting on. And, we’re certainly not going to convince you to have more guest posts created than you absolutely need.

You might have noticed we guest post on high authority blogs, that attract targeted traffic and leads. Because, it’s worthwhile.

How can Content Help Your Site?

As a freelance writer, I incorporate a range of tools to help give my blog post writing that extra boost. And, these help me go through processes beyond just “writing 1,000 words an hour” for the sake of it. This includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Forum research
  • Competitor research
  • Post planning, to ensure keyword search intent is satisfied
  • Ideation
  • Long term blog post strategy

On a personal blog of mine, my approach led to a single post acquiring over 1,000,000 uniques through organic search. It outranked sites such as Fast Company and Forbes and garnered over 22,000 email subscribers.

This was a lynch-pin in the site being acquired by a fellow marketer.

What Are Your Rates?

There is no size fits all when it comes to rates for blog writing. One 1500 post could take twice the amount of time as another. And this could be because of a range of factors such as:

  • A one-off post, needing a website, content and competitor analysis.
  • Posts requiring more research than normal (and this isn’t a dreadful thing).
  • The complexity of the niche.

You get my point. We work on a case basis.

As a guide line, I’m UK based and charge £65/1000 words (currently around $80/1000 words for those that live in the USA). This can be slightly less, or slightly more, depending on the project.

For me to be able to commit myself to a content writing project, we aim for clients with a budget in excess of £250 per month for content writing services.

Send me details of the type of blog writing you require, budget and your site, and we’ll see what we can work out.

What “Samples” or Tests Do You Provide?

We have to check on a piece-by-piece basis that our clients are happy with us sharing their content writing with new customers. However, there are a few examples on our homepage.